5 Lifestyle Changes to Make after Liposuction

Liposuction can work wonders in slimming your body’s contours. The procedure removes stubborn pads of fat that resist diet and exercise. But to make those attractive results last, it’s crucial to maintain your weight and take care of your body. Here are five lifestyle changes to make after liposuction to get the most from this significant investment in yourself.

1. Take Time to Rest and Relax

For the first week or two after your liposuction procedure, your body will need extra rest. Plan to take time off from work to relax and avoid tasks that require heavy lifting. Giving your body the rest it needs at this time will speed your recovery and help you get the best long-term results. After that, follow our instructions for gradually increasing your level of physical activity. 

2. Eat a Healthy Mix of Foods

A key to maintaining your weight and your re-sculpted profile after liposuction is to adopt healthy eating habits. Don’t think of it as dieting, which tends not to be sustainable. Instead, find a mix of healthy foods, including whole grains, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and a minimum of saturated fat and added sugar, that you can enjoy eating for weeks, months, and years. Watch your portion sizes, too. To avoid temptation, keep unhealthy foods out of your home.

3. Make Healthy Activities a Part of Your Routine

Being physically active doesn’t have to mean going to a gym. It can be a daily walk, run, or bike ride. It can be a resistance routine to build muscle strength at home. The goal is to make physical activity a part of your routine, like brushing your teeth. When you’re physically active several times a week, your metabolism speeds up, which helps prevent weight gain. Regular physical activity also makes your heart healthier and reduces your risk of many chronic conditions. If it’s not already part of your routine, start small, maybe with 30-minute walks, and gradually build up your strength and endurance with activities you enjoy.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is another key lifestyle habit that helps you stay healthy and maintain your weight. Water intake is vital in the days after liposuction to promote a speedy recovery. It’s also important after that to keep your cells healthy and your metabolism operating efficiently. Proper hydration also supports healthy skin.

5. Take Care of Your Overall Health

Follow your surgeon’s instructions in caring for yourself during recovery from liposuction. That includes avoiding certain medicines that can cause bruising and activities that can overstrain the treated area. Beyond that, once you are back to your normal level of activity, practice general health habits to maintain your liposuction results. That includes paying attention to your blood pressure, using sunscreen, and keeping stress under control. Paying attention to your body and your overall health can help you stick with healthy eating and exercise habits and keep yourself healthy. 

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