Facial Trauma


Dr. Velargo is highly sensitive to the needs of a patient that has suffered unexpected facial trauma. Experience matters with facial trauma, which includes facial laceration repair and facial fracture repair. A distinct advantage of completing his residency in one of the most violent cities in America, Memphis, TN, is that Dr. Velargo managed and operated on hundreds of facial trauma patients, both adult and pediatric. Dr. Velargo understands that facial trauma changes your life in a matter of seconds, but he is motivated to help you heal.


Dr. Velargo is skilled at treating the following types of facial trauma:

  • Facial or neck lacerations
  • Eyelid injuries
  • Ear avulsions or amputations
  • Nasal avulsions or amputations
  • Facial fractures (e.g. jaw, cheek, eye socket, sinus fractures)
  • Dog bite or human bite injuries
  • Gun shot wounds to the face


Most lacerations can be repaired under local anesthesia. For children or adults with severe facial lacerations, some level of sedation is usually required.

Prior to any treatment, Dr. Velargo will perform a thorough head and neck exam on you or your loved one. This will include a neurologic exam as well.

In order to promote proper healing, and get the best results possible, facial lacerations (cuts or tears) are then meticulously cleaned and sutured. Dr. Velargo uses the tiniest sutures possible for adequate repair and understands the complexities of a “plastics” wound closure.

Facial laceration repair is more than just cosmetic. Dr. Velargo’s thorough knowledge of facial anatomy ensures normal (or near normal) facial function following repair.


Most facial fractures will be initially treated in the hospital setting. Any facial fracture procedures needed are typically performed under general anesthesia.

Prior to any treatment, Dr. Velargo will perform a thorough head and neck exam on you or your loved one. This will include a neurologic exam as well. Dr. Velargo will review any x-rays or scans that may have been performed on you after your injury. Virtual 3-D reconstruction will be used to help guide the surgical plan.

Dr. Velargo will then review his findings with you and offer options for repair. Your injuries will be unique, so Dr. Velargo will customize a surgical plan to fit your needs.

Facial fracture surgery is more than just cosmetic. Besides repairing the skin, the Dr. Velargo must also make sure that the muscles, drainage systems, and the bone structure of the face function normally. This requires a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and the ability to repair all levels and depths of the face while retaining normal (or near normal) function.


Dr. Velargo offers his services for facial laceration repair in his office – even after hours and on weekends. Please call our office any time, and if Dr. Velargo is available, he will coordinate with you to repair your injury in our office (if this is the safest option) or possibly meet you at one of the emergency rooms above.

This in-office service is important to Dr. Velargo because he knows what often happens is that people go to the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Center, where they wait (sometimes for hours) in crowded, loud, and dirty rooms – only to be treated by distracted and inexperienced staff.

It is important to remember that ANY SERIOUS or LIFE-THREATENING INJURY requires a call to emergency responders (DIAL 9-1-1) and/or treatment at the nearest available hospital. This in-office service is meant for soft-tissue injury (lacerations) only and should not be used for severe injuries, any injury involving loss of consciousness, possible fractures, significant bleeding, or suspected injury to the eye(s).

Since facial trauma is highly variable, your recovery and plan will differ from other patients. Rest assured that Dr. Velargo will guide you through this process and explain everything including your recovery plan.

Most facial trauma surgery is covered by insurance companies.  Please note that Dr. Velargo may not be contracted with your insurance company or specific health insurance plan. If this is the case, Dr. Velargo is still happy to see you; however, you may have out of pocket fees.

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