Introducing the latest in acne treatment solutions for the greater New Orleans area: AviClear is now available at New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. AviClear is the first FDA-cleared laser technology for treating mild to severe acne. Our staff is thrilled to be one of the first practices in the region to offer this advanced treatment.

Rid Yourself of Unsightly Acne Using Laser-Light Treatment

A future without worrying about acne. How does that sound? You could be just three 30-minute sessions away from acne-free skin.


If you suffer from acne and want to avoid harsh oral medications like Accutane and their harmful side effects, you can achieve clearer, brighter, and smoother skin with AviClear, an acne solution that really works.

The best candidates for AviClear want a safe and effective solution to treat their acne with no chemicals and no side effects. If acne has negatively impacted your confidence in your appearance, you may be a perfect candidate. Women struggling with adult acne who don’t want to start using birth control to treat their acne make optimal candidates for this laser-light treatment.

Additionally, teens with acne who want clear skin, especially before events like proms and graduations, can schedule AviClear treatment for a radiant complexion.


AviClear is the only FDA-approved laser device to effectively treat mild to severe acne. Its 1726nm wavelength laser system is highly effective because it targets the acne source with light energy, helps treat current breakouts, prevent future ones, and creates an even skin tone.

The laser light energy penetrates into underlying skin tissues to regulate sebum production and reduce excess oil. It’s an effective treatment with a built-in contact cooling system for a comfortable treatment process. In addition, treatment times are quick, with no recovery or downtime.


Let our results set your expectations. View our gallery to see more stunning before and afters. 


Patients who began AviClear sessions to treat their acne can expect immediate improvements after their first treatment. After that, your results will improve as you stick to the recommended treatment plan. When you come in for your preliminary consultation, we will give you a better idea of what the treatment plan will entail, what to expect from the results, and when you can expect them.

The best benefit of this acne solution is it helps men, women, boys, and girls, to achieve clearer skin. You won’t need harsh topical solutions that dry your skin and increase sun sensitivity. Instead, you can schedule your laser treatment to target acne at its source. It will help with current acne breakouts and prevent future acne blemishes so that you can enjoy long-term results.

Blemishes diminish your skin’s appearance and create an uneven skin texture. AviClear will help reduce sebum production to address acne blemishes and help you achieve smoother skin. Smoother skin is what we all want, and not only after applying makeup. We all want a smooth complexion to make us feel more confident in our appearance.

AviClear laser treatment will promote skin health and a brighter complexion. You’ll experience an immediate improvement in your skin that will have a healthier glow. So, if you’re tired of living with redness, inflamed skin, and painful breakouts, AviClear may be the perfect option.


Life is too short to live with embarrassing acne. Now that you know there is an optimal solution in New Orleans that will address this cosmetic concern and not inflict harmful side effects, you can act and do it now. 

Take that first step and schedule your AviClear consultation so that we can help with a treatment plan that will produce a beautiful, clearer complexion. Smoother skin, brighter skin, and clearer skin are within your reach.

Contact the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery today to learn more about AviClear and a path to a clearer and more beautiful skin complexion.


After treatment, your skin will produce less oil, and your acne will improve immediately. Results continue to improve over several months after your last session.

Thanks to its cooling sensors, AviClear sessions are relatively painless. Patients have described the treatment as a slight snapping sensation on the skin.

To understand how effectively AviClear works, it’s essential to know how acne breakouts occur. Acne breakouts begin when sebum combines with dead skin cells to clog your pores. AviClear differs from other acne treatments because it targets oil-producing sebaceous glands, making a massive difference in acne outcomes. AviClear selectively targets sebum production to resolve acne breakouts.

Most topical acne creams yield temporary results, and oral medications present several other challenges. AviClear offers our patients a safe, drug-free approach with long-lasting effects, significantly shifting the acne treatment paradigm.