Restylane Refyne


It takes a precise treatment to target fine, yet frustrating signs of aging while offering natural, subtle results. Restylane Refyne is one such treatment, with the ability to target signs of aging like nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Restylane Refyne is a dermal filler, a smooth gel made up of Hyaluronic Acid that, when injected into the treatment area, creates natural-looking volume and fullness in the skin.

Restylane Refyne was created using XpresHAn Technology, which imparts qualities of softness, durability, and flexibility to its gel. Because of its softer gel constitution, Restylane Refyne is perfect for treating finer signs of aging. Restylane Refyne’s soft, smooth gel is flexible enough to adapt to facial movement, making it one of the most natural-looking dermal fillers available. Restylane Refyne treatments are completely nonsurgical and noninvasive, so patients can achieve powerful rejuvenation with no downtime and no recovery.

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Marionette lines, which are the creases that go from the corner of the mouth to the chin, and nasolabial folds, which are the lines that go from the nose down to the corners of the mouth, are some of the most common signs of aging. Marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and drooping corners of the mouth, also known as oral commissures, are some of Restylane Refyne’s specialties. Restylane Refyne is also perfect for treating moderate to severe lines on the cheeks and fine wrinkles on the area around the upper lip, also known as smoker’s lines. The Restylane Refyne treatment is so simple that the procedure will last less than a half an hour, but what’s even more remarkable is that Restylane Refyne results will last for up to 12 months, making it one of the most durable injectables available. Whatever wrinkle it’s used for, Restylane results will be subtle and natural.


Your Restylane Refyne treatment is noninvasive, so it’ll require no downtime and no recovery. Some patients do experience temporary side effects that will last for up to a week, like swelling, soreness, tenderness, and bruising in the treatment area. Patients should be able to see their full results a week after treatment.

Dr. Velargo and Dr. Hendrick are fully trained and well-experienced injectors. To have your Restylane Refyne treatment performed by renowned plastic surgeons, contact the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery.