1. Why Are Eyelid Lifts So Popular?

    While cosmetic surgeries rise and fall in popularity as beauty standards shift, some procedures remain in high demand no matter what. For example, eyelid surgery has remained one of the more sought-after aesthetic surgeries for almost two decades. What makes eyelid surgery enduringly popular? Here are a few reasons this classic enhancement remains near the… Read More

  2. What to Avoid During Rhinoplasty Recovery

    If you are considering rhinoplasty to reshape your nose or resolve aesthetic flaws like a hump or bulbous tip, a successful recovery can be as crucial as an effective surgical technique. With that in mind, it’s as essential to prepare for your nose surgery as it is to choose your rhinoplasty surgeon. Your nose is… Read More

  3. Can Massage Improve Your CoolSculpting Results?

    CoolSculpting is a revolutionary fat reduction procedure that is considerably less aggressive and invasive than other body sculpting methods. Unlike liposuction, where recovery may take a week or more, CoolSculpting is a gentler approach that requires no downtime. Studies have indicated a massage after CoolSculpting can help optimize its benefits. At New Orleans Center for… Read More

  4. How to Choose the Right Non-Surgical Treatment for You

    If you’ve reached a point in your life when you’re ready to take a few years off your appearance – or a few inches off your body – cosmetic treatments can work wonders. While the outdated stigma associated with going “under the knife” is a thing of the past, many people still go the non-surgical… Read More

  5. 5 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best This Spring

    Now that the colder months are behind us and you’re putting bulky sweaters and heavy coats back into storage, it’s time to look forward to showing off a lot more skin. Spring and summer are right around the corner, so let’s ditch your dreary and dry winter complexion and the excess fat that’s been hanging… Read More