1. What Can Eyelid Surgery Treat?

    We all know how important our eyes are. Through eye contact, not only do we make long-lasting connections, but our eyes often provide clues to what we might be feeling, especially when they twinkle with laughter or fill with tears. Unfortunately, our eyes are very susceptible to the effects of aging and may give others… Read More

  2. 9 Ways to Look Younger Without Surgery

    Not only is your skin your body’s protective covering connecting you to the outside world, but it’s the first thing everyone notices when you meet them face to face. Since our skin plays such a vital role in how we view ourselves, we should take steps to protect and treat it. However, despite your best… Read More

  3. Here’s How to Do a Self-Breast Exam

    At-home breast screenings are essential to help catch any early signs of disease. Early detection increases the chance of finding breast cancer before it progresses and spreads, and gives you the best chance at complete recovery. Here are three easy steps to follow to conduct a breast exam regularly at home. Step One: Visual Exam… Read More

  4. Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for Moms Constantly on the Go

    Aging is inevitable, no matter what home remedies or over-the-counter creams and serums you use. And for today’s mom – who often works, transports kids to sports practices, and manages a household – where’s the time to pay attention to yourself? Add to that little sleep, stress, and constantly on the run, and it’s sometimes… Read More

  5. 7 Issues Ear Surgery Can Correct

    Otoplasty is a cosmetic correction to improve ear appearance with children and adults. This aesthetic ear surgery can correct the following issues for more natural and aesthetically pleasing ears. 1. Overly Large Ears Otoplasty is an aesthetic surgery that improves reduces the prominence of extraordinarily large or protruding ears. Our board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr…. Read More