Body Lift


A body lift consists of a series of surgeries to contour the body after massive weight loss, usually as a result of bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass, gastric band, or gastric sleeve surgery. When a great deal of weight is lost, the skin can remain stretched and often becomes loose and saggy. The folds of skin that develop as a result can cause a variety of problems, such as rashes, yeast infections, difficulty with hygiene, discomfort wearing some types of clothing, emotional distress, and self-consciousness.

Dr. Hendrick can provide a variety of procedures to remove the excess skin to reshape the body for a slimmer appearance. Some surgeries can be performed simultaneously, while others must be scheduled separately after a certain amount of healing has taken place. For this reason, a body lift can take a period of months to complete, depending on the number of procedures.

These surgeries frequently include:

If there are any residual problem areas of fat that were not alleviated as a result of the weight loss, liposuction may be done concurrently with one of your other body lift procedures.

In a tummy tuck, Dr. Hendrick removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and, in some cases, tightens stretched muscles of the abdominal wall.

Also sometimes called a belt lipectomy, this procedure entails removing a belt-like strip of excess skin and fat from around the waist line to shape and flatten the lower torso.

A buttock lift involves removing lax skin from the buttocks for a smoother, tighter appearance.

In a thigh lift, Dr. Hendrick removes excess skin and tissue from the thighs to make them appear smoother and more youthful.

An arm lift is a procedure to remove excess skin and tissue from the upper arms, restoring a slimmer and more youthful appearance.

For women who have lost a considerable amount of weight, the breasts may also lose volume and begin to sag (also known as ptosis). In a breast lift, the surgeon removes excess skin and sometimes breast tissue to restore the breasts to a more youthful, full, rounder shape, as well as return them to a more natural position on the chest.

In some cases, a woman finds that her breasts have deflated as a result of a significant loss of weight. If there is not enough tissue for a satisfactory breast lift, a woman might opt for breast implants so that her breasts can be restored to a full, rounder, more natural shape and size.


In some cases, body lift surgeries might be covered by insurance. This varies from carrier to carrier and depends on whether the surgeries are considered medically necessary.

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