Monthly Archives: August, 2015

  1. Hand Rejuvenation for Brides-To-Be

    Are your hands ready to say, “I do”? With an influx of engagement ring selfies on Facebook comes a new cosmetic surgery trend: hand rejuvenation for brides-to-be. If you’ve recently gotten engaged, or hope to in the near future, come see us for hand rejuvenation. We can help your hands to look their best as… Read More

  2. Breast Sagging After Weight Loss and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

    Have you recently lost a lot of weight? Have you had a baby? If you answered yes to either of these questions, odds are, you have some breast sagging. What can you do? This guide to breast surgery after pregnancy or weight loss will answer many of your questions. You can also make an appointment… Read More

  3. Plastic Surgery with Dr. Parker Velargo and Dr. Russell Hendrick

    In this infographic, you will learn about Dr. Parker Velargo’s and Dr. Russell Hendrick’s plastic surgery specialties as well as what their patients think of them. You can also check out the facts and statistics of plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States each year.