Cosmetic Facial Procedures in New Orleans

Facial beauty and appearances are important to women and men in the Crescent City. To achieve optimal facial enhancements, contact New Orleans’ own board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker Velargo, to schedule a consultation today. 

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This powerful surgical improvement is for facial rejuvenation to reposition underlying tissues and smooth over skin, effectively erasing years from your appearance. The facelift delivers optimal results that have a long-lasting effect.  Learn more.

To resolve loose and sagging skin beneath the jawline and chin, a Necklift can deliver an elegant appearance by eliminating the double chin or loose, turkey-neck skin. Learn more.

You can correct drooping upper lids or puffy lower lids by addressing the delicate skin and underlying tissue near the eyes. The benefits include an alert and youthful presence to create an improved facial appearance. Learn more.

For women and men who would like to add cute dimples to their cheeks, dimple creation surgery is available in New Orleans. Creating this controlled effect is trending in New Orleans and throughout the country. Learn more.

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To add high cheekbones for enhanced facial beauty, consider a cheek augmentation through dermal fillers or implants. Learn more.

Also known as mentoplasty, a chin augmentation delivers prominence and projection to the chin area to resolve what many call a weak chin. Learn more.

Genetics, age, or weight fluctuation can cause excess fatty tissue to reside in the neck or face. This popular cosmetic procedure eliminates unwanted fat pads in the face, chin, or neck to improve facial appearance. Learn more.

Dr. Velargo offers multiple skin treatments to achieve younger, healthier skin. These include scar revision treatments, MOHS reconstructions, Mole or lesion removal, and skin resurfacing. Learn more.

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A youthful face must have young eyes. But as we age, fat deposits and skin sagging cause puffiness and droopiness, making us look older and less alert. Blepharoplasty and eyelid ptosis repair is designed to help improve eye appearance and youthful beauty. Learn more.

Otoplasty and Earlobe surgery are designed to repair or reconstruct ear malformities, effectively treating ears that are too big or too small or overly projected, or earlobe reduction or repair. Learn more.

With the compelling look made famous by celebrities like Taylor Swift or Angelina Jolie, poutier lips are in vogue. Dr. Velargo employs four techniques, surgical and non-surgical, to give you full, youthful lips.  Learn more.

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When gender identification is not in line with facial appearance, facial feminization can deliver a softer, more feminine appearance. Learn more.

When an accident renders unexpected facial trauma, Dr. Velargo has the training, experience, and skill to deliver outstanding results to correct the consequences of lacerations, avulsions, fractures, and more. Learn more.

Contact the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery today to find out more about the expert facial treatments and surgeries Dr. Velargo offers.