Body Contouring in New Orleans

Most men and women in New Orleans want to look their best. But as we age, reducing fat bulges in specific areas or restoring youthful contours gets more difficult. Body contouring procedures can eliminate unwanted fat and excess skin so our patients can look their best.

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Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck aims to remove excess fat and skin from the abdominal area. It is an excellent cosmetic correction to create a youthful, taut tummy, especially after significant weight fluctuations or pregnancy. Learn more.

When stubborn fat pads hinder you from reaching your body shaping goals, liposuction can help. It resolves unwanted fat diet and exercise seem to ignore. While it’s primarily a body procedure, our patients often choose to use it to improve facial contours as well. Learn more.

Specifically designed for mothers who wish to return to their pre-pregnancy figure, a mommy makeover combines multiple operations for excellent results. Restoring breast firmness and a loose abdomen are two issues solved by a mommy makeover. But it doesn’t end there. Learn more.

Also known as a labial reduction surgery, a labiaplasty alters the female genitalia to promote comfort, self-confidence, and intimacy. It resolves issues like reducing the size of the labia (outer lips) and making clothing more comfortable to wear. Learn more.

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Also known as thighplasty, a thigh lift reshapes the thighs to make them firmer and younger-looking. This procedure removes excess tissue from the outer thigh, inner thigh, or both, improving the look of cellulite, stretch marks, and other blemishes. Learn more.

Once you have lost significant weight from bariatric surgery or diet and exercise, your body will need more work. A body lift removes excess skin and tissue to resolve sagging, uncomfortable skin folds. Results are a sleeker, slender you. Learn more.

When excess skin makes wearing sleeveless blouses or halter tops a problem, an arm lift can help. It makes flabby tissue from the shoulder to the elbow disappear, allowing you to wear what you want when you want in our sultry, warm climate. Learn more.


The hands are critical parts of our body. They should look attractive and function well. New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery offers multiple procedures dedicated to your hands. Learn more.

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Because we always expose our hands to environmental factors like sun, wind, and humidity, they can demonstrate changes like age spots, thinning, and volume loss. Hand rejuvenation in New Orleans can help reverse these changes for beautiful, attractive hands. Learn more.

Your hands may face multiple problems during your lifetime. These include trigger finger, De Quervain’s disease, ganglions, Dupuytren’s contracture, and hand trauma. Learn more.

Carpal tunnel release is an operation to resolve carpal tunnel syndrome. These conditions cause tingling, discomfort, numbness, and in some cases, loss of functions. The surgery releases the carpal ligament, allowing space to relieve symptoms and improve function. Learn more.

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