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  1. 4 Things to Know Before Your Facelift

    As you age, wrinkles and folds will start emerging on your cheeks, neck, and jawline. Your facial muscles will become weaker, and your skin will become less elastic, allowing gravity to pull facial tissues down.  Moving into middle age might make you feel uncomfortable with your appearance, causing a drop-off in self-esteem. But there’s good… Read More

  2. 7 Tips for Caring for Your Skin After a Facelift Procedure

    After a lot of thought and time spent fretting over your aging face, you have decided to take the plunge and rejuvenate your appearance by getting a facelift. The results are stunning — your skin looks and feels tighter, with fewer wrinkles around your cheeks, mouth, and jawline. After your facelift plastic surgery at New Orleans… Read More

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    WHY FACELIFTS ARE GROWING MORE POPULAR WITH YOUNGER PEOPLE Facelifts have traditionally been considered treatments for older people—those in their 60s and 70s with seriously sagging and wrinkled facial skin. But the current trend is shifting facelifts to a younger crowd—people in their 30s and 40s who are seeking more subtle changes to retain a youthful… Read More

  4. Why Consider a Facelift this Fall Season?

    Now that we are beginning to get a break from the hot, sultry days of summer, South Louisiana is entering our best weather conditions of the year. Mild temperatures with low humidity make all things more comfortable, whether it’s enjoying the ancient live oaks, heading out to the lakefront, or eating at your favorite outdoor… Read More

  5. Facelift Recovery

    Facelift surgery is known for its beautiful and long-lasting facial rejuvenation results. Best of all, modern facelifts have evolved to look more natural than ever before. If a facelift is a procedure you are considering, you are probably wondering what facelift recovery looks like. Below, we have outlined some important information to make your recovery… Read More