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  1. The Potential Health Benefits of a Breast Reduction

    It should not be surprising that women have physical symptoms because their breasts are too large. It is a bit astonishing; however, many of these women don’t realize their breasts are the cause of their discomfort. Huge breasts can be out of proportion to the rest of the body and cause physical and emotional distress…. Read More

  2. Achieve Your 2019 Resolutions with These Body Contouring Treatments 

    As we close this year and look forward to another, many New Orleanians are considering ways to achieve a well defined and sculpted body. Although we are still in the feasting season with holiday parties abound, you can jumpstart the process of cementing your resolution with a good first step. Choosing a treatment designed to… Read More

  3. New Year, New You—The Top Cosmetic Procedures We Recommend for 2018

    Time flies, doesn’t it? 2018 is almost here, and if you’re anything like us, you’re hoping that this will be your best year yet. You’re probably making resolutions to stay calm and focused, to be twice as productive as you were in 2017, or to finally try that Paleo diet craze everyone is talking about…. Read More

  4. Don’t Hide Under Your Tee this Summer – Male Breast Reduction

    Is a trip to the beach ruined by the prospect of having to take off your shirt? Do you find yourself avoiding or dreading pool parties, locker rooms, and even intimacy? We want you to take off your shirt with confidence. If you have male breast enlargement, come see us! Male breast reduction can restore… Read More

  5. Teen Breast Reduction: What do Parents Need to Know

    Overly large breasts aren’t just a cosmetic issue. For many women, they cause back pain, rashes and skin irritation, an inability to exercise, difficulties with clothing fit and coverage and self-confidence issues. This can be especially problematic during the teen years, as many teens are already self-conscious of their bodies. If you have a teen… Read More