Monthly Archives: July, 2015

  1. Helpful Information about Hand Injuries

    Most people don’t think about how important their hands are until tragedy strikes. Hand injuries are very common. Some kinds of hand injuries can be serious, requiring immediate medical treatment. High-profile hand injuries One recent example is Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy suffered from a rare, but serious injury known as a Ring Avulsion injury. (Click the link… Read More

  2. Hot Summer Savings

    The weather’s getting hotter and our summer specials are heating up too! Call us today and take advantage of these great deals. Many of these specials end soon… so book your appointment quickly! Amazing deals like these won’t last long. Summer Specials at New Orleans Center for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Botox Bonus– Come in… Read More

  3. Is Cosmetic Surgery Normal?

    Is cosmetic surgery normal? A recent article in Time magazine suggests that it is. They state, “52% of people are considering aesthetic treatments, up from 30% two years ago. Cosmetic surgery has become the new makeup.”  We certainly believe that cosmetic surgery is normal. Our patients are male and female, some are wealthy and some… Read More

  4. Hair Transplantation: What Does the Procedure Entail?

    What would you do for a full head of hair? For many men with male pattern baldness, looking in the mirror is a painful reminder of what they once had. Long gone is that thick, full head of hair they once enjoyed. Don’t spend your days wishing and dreaming of hair. Come see Dr. Velargo… Read More