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  1. Look Your Best for the Holidays with Nano-Fat Grafting

    In the next few weeks, family dinners, holiday gatherings, and New Year’s bashes will be plastered all over your holiday schedule. To look your best during the season, many New Orleanians are considering the natural results of Nano-fat grafting.  If you want to look great for the upcoming holidays, then now is the time to… Read More

  2. Why Consider a Facelift this Fall Season?

    Now that we are beginning to get a break from the hot, sultry days of summer, South Louisiana is entering our best weather conditions of the year. Mild temperatures with low humidity make all things more comfortable, whether it’s enjoying the ancient live oaks, heading out to the lakefront, or eating at your favorite outdoor… Read More

  3. Rhinoplasty for Your Confidence and Your Career

    For most of us, it’s important to look our best. Whether for personal or professional acceptance or making the most of our opportunities, looking good can make a difference. People who are confident in their looks, tend to be confident throughout many aspects of life.  For this reason, confident individuals are more likely to ace… Read More

  4. What Are Your Breast Revision Options?

    With an increase in breast augmentations over the past two decades, breast revision surgery has also seen an uptick. Post-surgery complications like capsular contracture or a ruptured implant will quickly send the patient seeking surgical options to fix their aesthetic setback. However, in some cases, it’s not a complication which has women seeking a breast… Read More

  5. Cool Facts about CoolSculpting

    Coolsculpting is a cool form of body contouring. Patients who have unwanted fat pads on their upper arms, buttocks, back, thighs or abdomen can utilize this amazing procedure to get the body they have been working hard to achieve through diet and exercise. It is the perfect procedure for those who want a toned, shapely… Read More