Liposuction of Face/Neck


Whether genetic, age-related, or the result of excess weight, fatty tissue can often be found in excess in the face and neck. When occurring in the neck, the fatty tissue is often found deep below the platysma muscle and can contribute to a poor neck line and double chin.

When found in excess in the face, it is usually in the jowl area and along the jawline, which creates a boxy, esthetically displeasing appearance. Many times, weight loss alone will not be enough to deal with excess fat located in these areas. Cervicofacial liposuction and liposculpture can eliminate a double chin and tighten the neck and jawline when aging or weight gain has caused excess fat to accumulate there.

Dr. Velargo works with patients desiring facial liposuction, while Dr. Hendrick performs liposuction for body contouring. Both of them have helped numerous patients look and feel better by removing stubborn fatty tissue.

Cervicofacial liposuction is frequently performed in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures, including rhytidectomy (face lift/neck lift). If, for example, loose skin is also contributing to a double chin, “full” neck, or severe jowling, a face lift and/or neck lift may also be indicated to achieve the best result. In fact, it is rare that Dr. Velargo will not perform cervicofacial liposuction and liposculpture as part of a face or neck lift.


Cervicofacial liposuction can:

  • Remove stubborn localized pockets of fat from a variety of areas, including the jowls, chin, and neck
  • Improve the chin/ neck angle
  • Sharpen the jawline
  • Eliminate the “double chin”


Let our results set your expectations. View our gallery to see more stunning before and afters. 


Liposuction is an outpatient procedure that is usually performed using a local anesthetic and sedation, but in some cases, general anesthesia may be preferred.

The excess fat is removed using suction. As small an incision as possible is made in inconspicuous areas of the face and neck, and a tube called a cannula is inserted into the incision. The suction device removes the fat through the tube. Typically, for cervicofacial liposuction, the incisions Dr. Velargo employs are behind the ears and in the crease under the chin for optimal camouflage.

Sometimes, the pocket of fat under the chin is quite large, and liposuction is not enough. In these cases, Dr. Velargo actually sculpts the fat with scissors into the appropriate contour. This technique is called liposculpture. It does not require any additional incisions.

Depending on the extent of your cervicofacial liposuction, you will be advised to take 1-2 weeks off from work and other normal activities. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for about 4 weeks.

You will be required to wear a compressive dressing around the face for the first night following the procedure. After that, depending on the extent of the operation, you may be required to wear a supportive dressing around the neck at nighttime only to help support the tissues.

Most patients do not complain of pain following cervicofacial liposuction, but you can take pain medication to manage any post-operative discomfort, if necessary. Bruising will most likely occur, but you may cover any visible bruising with makeup after the first few days post-operatively.

Frequent application of cool compresses for the first 72 hours, as well as application of topical Arnica Montana for visible bruising, helps to speed the healing process along

Incisions are cared for 4-6 times per day by cleansing the incision lines with hydrogen peroxide and applying an antibiotic ointment. All sutures are removed at one week post-op.

Lumps and bumps (irregular contour) may be present in the treated areas under the skin during the initial phases of healing. This is normal and will usually go away with time, but we can often speed the healing process along with local injections of steroids.

Cervicofacial liposuction results are generally long-lasting, but fat can accumulate again in the same areas as a result of weight gain or age.

Since liposuction is a cosmetic procedure, insurance companies do not cover it.

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