MyEllevate/Zoom Lift


Lax facial tissue is one of the first giveaways of aging. Now, New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery offers greater New Orleans residents a groundbreaking rejuvenation approach.  We are the first practice in New Orleans to offer this treatment to our patients.  

MyEllevate, also known as a Zoom Lift, is an innovative procedure for those seeking a minimally invasive facial enhancement. Dr. Velargo performs MyEllevate while patients are under local anesthetic to provide a comfortable experience with natural-looking, long-lasting results. To deliver optimal facial contours, the Zoom Lift pairs with complementary treatments like, FaceTite, and facial/neck liposuction.

Using the ICLED® light guidance system, Dr. Velargo can immediately elevate facial structures without employing incisions. This method allows for rapid healing with less bruising and swelling due to minimal tissue trauma. 

The suture supports the platysma muscle upwards, which acts like a trampoline to suspend the deeper structures (fat and glands) upwards.  This support in combination with the skin tightening that FaceTite creates and the contour changes that liposuction creates, makes for optimal non-surgical results.  Additionally, MyEllevate involves transecting the vertical bands in the middle of the neck to help contour the neck even further without incisions or sutures. 

ICLED® is the first patented light-guided technology for facial rejuvenation. It employs the illuminated Suturod® for accurate disposable suture positioning with only one session.


The Zoom Lift treatment laces the neck’s underlying tissues with a rod that pivots around eight tiny puncture points to create a support system for your skin. The one-millimeter punctures don’t require external sutures, making your recovery almost nonexistent. For optimal depth, the lighted rods act as a guide for passing sutures beneath the skin and between the pivot points.

Unlike traditional facelifts and neck lifts, MyEllevate requires no incisions or skin excision. An experienced surgeon like Dr. Velargo can typically complete the procedure in one hour using a local anesthetic. It also has minimal downtime, with most people able to return to regular activity within a few days. In addition, Zoom Lift results are immediate and long-lasting.


Refine and restore facial and neck contours while supporting sagging tissues. Your revitalized appearance provides you with a naturally refreshed profile, rather than looking like you had any work done.


Let our results set your expectations. View our gallery to see more stunning before and afters. 


Your discomfort will be minimal. During the procedure, you will be numbed with local anesthesia and have oral sedatives/ laughing gas as well. After your surgery, redness and minor swelling are typical side effects. You can alleviate any pain with over-the-counter medication like Tylenol.

We treat every cosmetic enhancement with a personalized approach. Dr. Velargo will work closely with you to assess your cosmetic goals and determine which techniques will bring you the best results. During your consultation, he will discuss the cost.

MyEllevate has minimal risk, and complications are rare. Dr. Velargo is a double board-certified plastic surgeon, an LSU grad specializing in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Risks include numbness, nerve weakness, tingling, or itchiness at the puncture sites.

As an elective procedure, MyEllevate is not typically eligible for health insurance. We advise you to contact your provider about coverage options. For your convenience, we also offer financing to allow you to pay for this procedure over time.

While a neck lift is a surgical procedure that requires incisions and excision of loose skin, My Ellevate is a minimally invasive operation that restores and refines the jawline while eliminating the appearance of neck banding. A neck lift is an extensive surgery involving sutures, recovery time, and detailed post-op instructions to follow. In contrast, a Zoom Lift is a convenient procedure that takes under one hour and does not come as many activity restrictions or a lengthy healing process.

MyEllevate is compatible with many other surgical and non-surgical solutions, such as laser skin resurfacing and a liquid facelift. Dr. Velargo will discuss all your aesthetic options during your consultation.

MyEllevate is NOT a thread lift. While thread lifts impart their effects on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, MyEllevate imparts its effect on the platysma muscle. Thread lifts do not last long. MyElevate uses a tiny permanent suture to support the platysma and underlying structures very effectively. 

Yes, Zoom Lift and MyEllevate are synonymous. While MyEllevate is the copyrighted name, the magazine Elle coined the Zoom Lift nickname in their December 2020 issue, “Meet the Zoom Lift.”


There is little to no discomfort associated with a Zoom Lift recovery. Still, you may need to wear a supportive chin strap for approximately one week. You can resume regular activities one week after the procedure, and you will enjoy seeing your final outcome in around three weeks. However, it’s vital to avoid strenuous activity, including heavy lifting, for up to two weeks.

The risk of complications is extremely low – you may experience minimal post-treatment swelling, bruising, dimpling, and tightening.  Many patients describe the tightness as the same sensation as wearing a party hat for a short period of time.

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