Monthly Archives: November, 2015

  1. Considering a Tummy Tuck? What You Need to Know

    Are you thinking about a tummy tuck? You probably have questions. While we can’t address everything you need to know about the procedure in one short blog post, we can provide some information to get you started and clear up the rest during your tummy tuck consultation. Once you know you’re ready for surgery, call… Read More

  2. Turkey Time Savings at The New Orleans Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery

    November is here… and that means some great new specials at the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. You’d be a turkey not to take advantage of these deals. Call us today and book your appointment. Get Rid of that Turkey Neck This November the only turkey you see should be the one… Read More

  3. Turkey Neck? We’ve Got the Solution

    Around Thanksgiving thoughts often turn to turkey… and sometimes turkey necks. If you have a turkey neck, come see us… the only turkey you need this Thanksgiving is the turkey on your plate. What Is a Turkey Neck? Turkey neck is the slang term given to the loose skin that hangs under and around the… Read More

  4. I’ve Been Hearing About Kybella. What Is It and What Does It Do?

    Surgery isn’t the only option for getting rid of double chins anymore. Kybella is a newly FDA approved injectable treatment that can dissolve and eliminate fat under the chin. If you have a double chin (technically called submental fullness), ask us about Kybella. Dr. Hendrick and Dr. Velargo are both trained in performing Kybella injections…. Read More