TCA Chemical Peel

Chemical peels vary by formula and depth. TCA chemical peels utilize varying concentrations of trichloroacetic acid (TCA).  A TCA peel is considered superficial-medium in depth, which differs from superficial chemical peels (salicylic or glycolic acid) and deep chemical peels (phenol).  A “chemical peel” involves the careful application of a scientifically formulated solution to the skin, which later causes the top layers to separate and shed taking with it the sun-damaged and wrinkled layers.  TCA chemical peeling is an art and requires extensive experience in the concentration used, amount applied to each area of the face, and the manner in which it is applied.  Dr. Velargo has co-authored many internationally published articles and book chapters on the innovative approaches to chemical peeling and can customize your chemical peel treatment based on your skin type, condition, and goals.

Most people need a series of TCA peels to achieve optimal results, and the results are augmented even further when a medical grade skin care regimen, such as FaceMD, is used under Dr. Velargo’s guidance.  Dr. Velargo has published literature on a novel technique of TCA peeling called “Enhanced Superficial Chemical Peeling”, which yields results that are often on par with deeper skin resurfacing techniques (e.g. laser or phenol peeling).

What can a TCA Peel accomplish?

A TCA Peel can:

  • Smooth rough and “leathery” skin
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brighten the skin, lightening hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and sun damage
  • Improve acne scars and blemishes
  • Stimulate natural collagen production for an overall enhancement of the skin

What happens during a TCA Peel?

TCA peels are performed in the outpatient procedure room at our clinic.  The TCA solution is applied to the face in a methodical yet customized manner.  The solution stings as it is applied, but this is short-lived (a matter of seconds).  A cooling device will be used to help ease the discomfort.  Later burning is typically mild (like a sunburn) and can be eased with appropriate medications.

Depending on your skin type and the number of previous treatments you have had, Dr. Velargo modifies the concentration of TCA used as well as the manner in which it is applied.

What can I expect during recovery from a TCA Peel?

You can expect to have pink and flaky skin for about 1-3 days following the TCA peel.  Generally, this is mild and can be easily camouflaged 2 days post-peel with makeup.

Depending on your skin condition and the expected outcome, a series of peels spaced 4-6 weeks apart may offer you superior results.


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