Selecting the Right Implant Profile

There are many choices to make in planning the ideal breast augmentation procedure. In consultation with your plastic surgeon, you’ll consider the size, shape, position, and type of implant. One of the least understood factors is the implant profile, which determines the projection of your breasts — the profile of your chest as viewed from the side when you are standing.

What Are Your Implant Profile Choices?

The profile is one of three crucial variables in the size and shape of implants. Volume is the measure of the overall size of the implants. Width is the measurement across the base of the implant. The profile is an implant’s thickness or height when placed on a flat surface.

  • Low-profile implants are relatively thin and don’t add as much projection to your breasts as thicker or higher-profile implants. Low-profile implants work well for women with wider chests. They are also a good choice for women seeking a subtler enhancement. They can produce natural-looking teardrop-shaped breasts.
  • Moderate-profile implants are the next step up the profile scale. They are thicker and give more projection to the breasts than low-profile implants. Moderate-profile implants can be a good option for women with smaller or narrower chests.
  • High-profile implants provide even more projection, producing a fuller, more rounded breast appearance — especially noticeable in the upper breast — and a more prominent cleavage. High-profile implants may be a good choice for smaller women with narrow chests and women seeking a more dramatic enhancement.

Of course, implant profiles don’t come in only three thicknesses. Low, medium, and high are the basic profile groupings. Your plastic surgeon will help you choose a precise profile calibrated to complement your body and create the figure you are seeking.

Choosing the Implant Profile That Works for You

Your plastic surgeon will help you understand how implants with different profiles can create different outcomes for you. The right decision for you will be based both on the physical characteristics of your body and the change you hope to make to your figure.

  • Your body characteristics: In planning your breast augmentation with you, your plastic surgeon will make detailed measurements of your chest dimensions and will use that information to recommend an implant profile to complement and balance your natural features.
  • Your ideal outcome: Your plastic surgeon will ask questions to understand what you are hoping to achieve with breast augmentation — your ideal for your body. Do you want to make a discreet change, or a more noticeable one? The surgeon may use 3D imaging to help you visualize the results with different profile choices.

Implant profile is only one of the decisions you’ll make with your plastic surgeon as you plan your breast augmentation procedure. There’s no single right answer for any of these choices, just the one that works best for you. With the right plastic surgeon, you’ll have expert guidance in this preparation for your procedure, then a skilled and artistic hand doing the surgery. So, your essential decision will be in choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast augmentation. Look for beautiful and natural-looking results in the surgeon’s before-and-after photo gallery. Pay special attention to outcomes for women with body types akin to yours who made changes like the ones you want to make.

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