Face Lift

Rhytidectomy is the scientific name for temporal lift (lateral brow lift), cheek lift (midface and jowl lift) and/or neck lift. In the same surgical setting, the temporal lift may also be extended to a medial brow lift if the patient is in need of this procedure.

Dr. Velargo frequently does a temporal, cheek, and neck rhytidectomy (facelift) simultaneously to address signs of aging on the lateral brow, midface, jowls, and on the neck. While all lifts that he performs include tacking the muscles of the face and neck for strength, he can perform “mini-lifts” whereby only one or two of the main rhytidectomy components are surgically addressed to correct signs of aging wherever they appear.

While a full rhytidectomy incorporates the lateral brow, cheek, and neck areas, a “mini-lift” may only include the cheek and neck areas, for example. It should be stressed once more; however, that regardless of the number of rhytidectomy components addressed, the lift is performed in the same manner by tacking the muscles of the face and neck for strength. Dr. Velargo never performs a skin-only rhytidectomy.

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Since facelifts do not address the eye area, however, many patients have a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) during their face lift. Dr. Velargo will assess your face during your consultation to determine if this is recommended.

Remember that as a rule, surgery (facelift, blepharoplasty, etc.) improves sags and bulges, and resurfacing procedures improve wrinkles. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, Dr. Velargo might suggest that you have a skin resurfacing procedure (CO2 laser, dermabrasion, chemical peel, or a combination thereof).

While a skin resurfacing procedure may be performed after you have healed from your facelift, in select patients, Dr. Velargo may recommend that it be performed in the same surgical setting as the facelift. Simultaneous treatment with rhytidectomy and skin resurfacing is more economical, as the operating room and anesthesia fees are already met, and you only have to endure one healing period, which means less time away from work and social functions.

When rhytidectomy and skin resurfacing are performed in the same surgical setting, Dr. Velargo is able to address all aspects of facial aging at the same time – sags and bulges, volume loss, and wrinkles. He refers to this procedure as the Renaissance Lift™ because it results in dramatic results and is essentially “the rebirth of you.”

Combining the best aspects of facelifting and facial rejuvenation observed throughout his training, Dr. Velargo developed and trademarked this unique procedure. Particular attention is paid to the neck line, where long-lasting results are obtained utilizing the “SMMS technique” published by Dr. Velargo et. al. in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in 2013.

Because the Renaissance Lift™ comprehensively addresses all aspects of facial aging during the same surgical setting, there are tremendous benefits – one healing period, more natural and balanced results, and economic advantages as well. No one Renaissance Lift™ is performed in the same manner from one patient to another because Dr. Velargo embraces the unique attributes of each patient.

Therefore, the exact procedures performed and healing time vary from patient to patient. Dr. Velargo encourages you to seek his expert consultation to find out if the Renaissance Lift™ is right for you. See Dr. Velargo’s photo gallery or for more information.

What can rhytidectomy accomplish?

A rhytidectomy can correct:

  • Drooping brows to create a natural lateral brow lift
  • “Sunken” cheeks and sagging skin in the midface to create a midface lift
  • Sagging jowls to create a tighter jawline
  • Loose skin in the neck and “turkey neck” deformities to create a more crisp neck line

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