Will a Rhinoplasty Heavily Change My Overall Appearance?

Your nose is the central focal point of your face and plays a crucial role in your overall facial balance. Even a slightly disproportionate or asymmetrical nose can significantly impact the harmony of your facial features, not to mention your self-confidence. One of the main reasons patients seek the help of a rhinoplasty procedure is to change an aspect of their nose to make it a more desirable facial feature.

Fortunately, the latest surgical and technical advancements and the approach for rhinoplasty procedures continue to focus on delivering “less is more” results.  As a result of this approach, plastic surgeons are expected to provide patients with the outcomes they want without aggressively changing their overall appearance in the process, making rhinoplasty one of the most challenging and yet rewarding cosmetic surgeries to perform.

Rhinoplasty requires an expert understanding of the nose’s underlying bone and cartilage structure and skill in creating the shape for beautiful and natural-looking results. At the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Parker Verlago and Dr. Celeste Gary have extensive experience in rhinoplasty­–and their patients’ before-and-after pictures prove it!

Could a Nose Job Improve My Overall Appearance and Confidence?

Despite focusing on such a small area of your face, your nose job can have huge and lasting effects that must be carefully considered before scheduling your surgery.

Nostril flaws, symmetry issues, humps, bumps, and the size of your nose can all be corrected. And in the process, many patients have found that it goes much further by improving their self-confidence. After all, by enhancing the shape of your nose, rhinoplasty can have some significant benefits in overcoming injuries or deformities that might have long plagued your self-confidence.

With your nose being the central feature of your face, it can give your profile its structure and shape, setting the tone for how the rest of your facial features fit together. When a person’s nose is too big or small, too hooked or flat, too crooked or straight, it can make or break their facial harmony.

Altering the nose through rhinoplasty will typically allow the other facial features to be noticed now that facial harmony and balance have been restored. By working with our staff and plastic surgeons, achieving the overall look you want could be as simple as one surgery.

While rhinoplasty surgery focuses on the cosmetic and functional aspects of the nose, we might be inclined to overlook the purely aesthetic reasons for having the surgery. And even if they are not dissatisfied with their other facial features, such as their eyes, cheeks, and lips, many rhinoplasty patients appear to have a completely different look after their rhinoplasty.

What Are the Ways Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Can Alter the Appearance of Your Face?

Nose jobs can address several cosmetic concerns:

  • Nose that’s too large
  • Protruding nasal hump
  • Pointy nose
  • Nose that appears too small for the patient’s face
  • Nose with a downward turned tip
  • Nose that’s too wide
  • Nostrils that are too small or too big

As you can see from this list, there are many different ways a nose job can alter your appearance.

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