Where Are the Incisions Placed During a Brow Lift?

Addressing that persistent heavy brow from your everyday expression requires the expertise of a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, the cosmetic issue is too often overlooked because the person who wears it is unaware. A brow lift is an aesthetic enhancement to the upper portion of the face to address a furrowed brow from sagging forehead skin. It raises sagging eyebrows, and smooths deep lines etched into the forehead.

Brow lift benefits include an end to that constant tired look that’s present whether you’re tired or not. The results are natural-looking, not too tight, and provide a radiant, alert expression. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Parker Velargo performs brow lift in New Orleans for his patients who want to enhance their facial appearance.

A frequently asked question at New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery is, “Will I have facial scarring after my brow lift?” Here is some information to answer that question.

Will a Brow Lift Leave Visible Scarring?

Many men and women seeking to improve the appearance of the forehead area are concerned about possible scarring. When a brow lift is performed correctly, this fear is typically unfounded, with the procedure leaving little to no visible scarring. However, the procedure might be right for you if you’re bothered by loose, sagging skin or wrinkles on the upper portion of the face.

Choosing a skilled and highly trained surgeon who performs brow lift procedures frequently is your best bet for attaining optimal results without visible scarring. Dr. Velargo meticulously works to ensure an outstanding outcome every time. He employs the most advanced techniques to maximize benefits with minimal discomfort, inconspicuous scarring, and a short recovery with the least downtime.

Where Will the Incisions Be?

Incisions are placed in easily concealable areas. For example, incisions are positioned behind the hairline during a brow lift. As a result, brow lift scarring is normally invisible except in rare cases where the patient has excessive hair thinning.

New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery employs advanced methods for brow lift procedures, making incisions small and inconspicuous. However, it is vital to note that no two procedures are alike. Dr. Velargo will discuss incision placement during your consultation.

Will I Be Left with Scars?

As with any surgical procedure, there will be post-surgical scarring. The good news is with a brow lift, visible scarring is minimal because the incisions are well hidden. However, after surgery, you may see pink or raised scars for a few months behind the hairline. In time, scarring will fade and gradually become less visible.

The best way to keep scarring from becoming obvious is to follow your surgeon’s recovery plan closely. This includes avoiding activities like stretching or pulling the incisions or promoting excessive blood flow.

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