Valentine’s Day Is Nearing! Bat Better Lashes with Latisse

Cupid’s arrow is ready to strike—don’t you want to love your lashes when it does? If you’re ready to fall in love this Valentine’s Day, come in to the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery and ask us about Latisse. No, it’s not a magic love potion! This prescription treatment can transform your lashes, however, allowing you to fall in love with them all on your own. Ask us about Latisse today!

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is a transformation for your lashes. This prescription-only treatment helps your lashes to grow thicker, darker, and longer. It is FDA approved for the treatment of hypotrichosis, or inadequate lashes. This is an excellent option for you if you have short lashes, thin lashes, or light lashes.

It can take time to see results but just remember to be patient, as they are coming. Patients typically notice longer lashes first. Then you’ll begin to see changes in the color and thickness of your lashes. If you like the changes you see at 8 weeks, continue with Latisse because it will only get better. At 16 weeks you should see the full results of your treatment. Results can continue indefinitely as long as you keep using Latisse.

How Does Latisse Work?

Latisse works by lengthening the growth cycle of your lash hairs, allowing them to grow longer and thicker. Since more lashes are in the active growth phase for a longer period of time, your lashes are more abundant, darker, thicker, etc. Results last until you stop using the product. Latisse is applied at home and is easy to use.

Is Latisse Right for Me?

Dr. Velargo and Dr. Hendrick have extensive experience prescribing Latisse. During your consultation they can discuss your medical history and help you determine if you’re a good candidate for treatment. The most common side effects are redness and irritation at the application site. We can discuss this during your consultation and teach you the proper application of the product to minimize side effects. If you’re interested in Latisse, schedule your consultation and learn more.

Fall in love this Valentine’s Day with a little help from Latisse.