Turkey Neck? We’ve Got the Solution

Around Thanksgiving thoughts often turn to turkey… and sometimes turkey necks. If you have a turkey neck, come see us… the only turkey you need this Thanksgiving is the turkey on your plate.

What Is a Turkey Neck?

Turkey neck is the slang term given to the loose skin that hangs under and around the chin. Think of a turkey’s wattle and you’ll quickly see where the term came from. Turkey necks can be caused by a variety of factors (weight fluctuations, genetics, aging, etc.) and range from mild to severe. A double chin can contribute to the appearance of a turkey neck.

Surgical Treatment Options for a Turkey Neck

If you have a turkey neck, one of the most effective options is surgery, especially if your condition is severe. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Velargo to learn more about this option. The best surgical approach will vary depending on the specific cosmetic issues your neck has. Here are some of the options we offer:

  • Standard Neck Lift– The standard neck lift is a procedure that can lift and tighten the skin under and around the neck. This procedure is typically paired with a facelift for patients that want to rejuvenate both the face and neck.
  • Direct Neck Lift- A direct neck lift is used in patients that want only neck lifting or in patients where a standard neck lift wouldn’t yield sufficient results. Dr. Velargo often uses it on patients with severe turkey neck deformities. This procedure removes skin directly from the front of the neck and can correct loose skin the neck, fatty accumulations in the neck, and neck banding.
  • Liposuction– Younger patients with double chins often respond well to liposuction They tend to have good skin elasticity which allows the skin under the chin to tighten up after the excess fat is removed. For patients with poor elasticity, liposuction may be used in conjunction with a surgical neck lift to remove excess skin.
  • Tuck Ups– For patients with previous neck lift surgeries that want to reverse some of the newer signs of aging, a tuck up may be used. These procedures tend to be less expensive, less extensive, and very effective. The results of a neck lift are permanent, but a tuck up is used to eliminate the signs of sagging that have developed since your last neck lift surgery.

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Non-Surgical Treatment Options for a Turkey Neck

Kybella is a newly approved option for treating a double chin without surgery. It is ideal for patients with good skin elasticity that want to improve the appearance of the chin and neck area. Kybella is injected under the chin where is destroys fat cells. It requires minimal downtime and no incisions, just a few quick injections.

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Gobble gobble no more with these turkey neck fighting treatments. Call us today and book your appointment.