The Surprising Reason Some Women are Having Breast Implant Removal

As we go through life, our tastes change. The clothes we wore and the music we loved in our twenties, for example, sometimes feel ostentatious and unrefined by the time we enter our forties. It’s therefore unsurprising that many women find their body goals shift over the years, too. Some women who wanted to be a size 2 in their teens discover that they enjoy having a curvier, more womanly body after experiencing motherhood. Conversely, some women who loved to flaunt their best assets during their younger years decide to opt for a more subdued look as they enter middle age. At the end of the day, there’s no one “right” way to look great—there’s only the way that works for you.

This is why plastic surgeons specialize not only in additive procedures, but also revision surgeries. Revision surgeries allow patients to make changes to prior procedures they have had, either to return to approximately the way they looked before or to create another, different look. Out of all of the revision surgeries available today, breast implant removal is one of the most popular. But not for the reasons you might think. When most people hear the phrase “implant removal,” they immediately think of implants that have degraded or shifted in position. These issues have, however, become increasingly rare as implant materials and surgical techniques have improved. Instead, implant removals are being performed to meet the following patient objectives:

4 Reasons Why Women Have Their Breast Implants Removed


  1. They want to create a more balanced figure.

In decades past, many people felt that the “perfect” body was one that was tall and very slender with large (D cup or bigger) breasts. Today, however, a number of celebrities have helped usher in a new era where the emphasis is placed on having a healthy “hourglass” figure. Women no longer want their breasts to be the most emphasized aspect of their bodies. Instead, they’re choosing to enhance their buttocks (via fat transfer procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift) and opting for smaller, less obvious implants.

  1. They want to engage in a more healthy, active lifestyle.

Today, most women realize that diets don’t work. Restricting calories tends to lead to cycles of weight loss followed by weight gain. Eating healthily and taking up regular exercise, on the other hand, has been shown to generate lasting results while also combating many common age-related illnesses. As such, some women who had large implants placed when they were younger are choosing to have them downsized or removed altogether in order to make rigorous physical activity easier. As David B. Sarwer, a researcher who studies plastic surgery at the College of Public Health at Temple University, explains: “The ideal is still curvy bodies with large breasts… Yet women are also engaging in higher levels of intense physical activity, and they’re finding that the larger-sized implant impairs their ability to be as active as they want to be.”

  1. They prefer a more natural look.

There is no questioning the fact that people in the 2010s have developed a strong preference for all things “natural.” Organic food sales have skyrocketed, green construction materials are being used to build and insulate our homes and places of work, and people are increasingly eschewing conventional plastic surgeries in favor of treatments that work with the body’s natural resources. It’s therefore little wonder that some women decide to remove their synthetic implants and choose a breast lift (or lift with fat transfer) instead.

Likewise, it’s not uncommon for women to experience an increase in natural breast volume as they enter their 30s. Motherhood, hormonal changes, and weight gain can all cause the breasts to grow larger, making previously-placed implants unnecessary.

  1. They are concerned about the perceptions of others.

Breast implant removal is sought out most frequently by patients between the ages of 35 and 50. This clearly indicates that the life changes women go through as they mature probably motivates many of them to change their breast size. Women who have become mothers, for instance, may opt to downsize their breasts in order to conform to a more traditional maternal image. Likewise, women with large breasts sometimes face discrimination in the workplace. Sadly, women with large breasts are sometimes assumed to be less intelligent and professional than their small-breasted peers. They may therefore opt for smaller implants in the hope of being taken more seriously by their colleagues.

If you have had implants placed in the past and find they no longer suit your lifestyle or preferences, know that there’s no harm in having them removed—whatever your reasons for doing so. An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to not only remove your old implants, but also lift your breasts so that they appear shapely and firm. You may therefore find that your breasts look better after implant removal than they did before you had your implants placed!