The Potential Health Benefits of a Breast Reduction

It should not be surprising that women have physical symptoms because their breasts are too large. It is a bit astonishing; however, many of these women don’t realize their breasts are the cause of their discomfort. Huge breasts can be out of proportion to the rest of the body and cause physical and emotional distress. With age (and added weight) the shoulders will roll forward, compressing nerve fibers in the area between the shoulder blades, ribs, and collarbone.

Imagine waking each morning with pain-free movement and being able to wear any garment you wish. Think about exercising without any regard for back pain. These are just a few of the advantages of undergoing a breast reduction.

Tell Tale Signs You May Need a Breast Reduction

From aches and pains to chronic discomfort, there are various reasons why you may consider a breast reduction. But there’s a misunderstanding about the operation itself, and because of that, it can be challenging to recognize the physical symptoms which signal if a breast reduction is best for you. Fortunately, the team at the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery is here to help.

There is not an exact cup size threshold needed to benefit from a breast reduction. Any patient experiencing any of the signs associated with breasts too large can talk to our board-certified plastic surgeon about exploring the option of a breast reduction. Breast reductions are relatively common these days with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reporting over 100,000 procedures in 2017 for functional or aesthetic purposes. A cosmetic reduction resolves any lifestyle limitations your breasts may bring like clothing choices. A functional reduction affects your quality of life like relieving neck and back pain, excessive sweating, and the bra strap causing pain under your shoulder blades.

Patients who are interested in a breast reduction for themselves should determine if they are experiencing any of these physical symptoms.

Bra Strap Grooving

This symptom is when you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders – literally. This sign is the most common indication that breast reduction candidates experience. It comes with bra strap marks as well as discomfort in the neck and the upper back area. The sheer weight of the breasts pulls the bra strap with such force it makes marks and causes constant distress on the shoulders and below the shoulder blades.

Numbness in the Hands and Fingers

It’s not uncommon for women to experience numbness and joint pain within their fingers and hands when carrying the added weight of large breasts. If the breasts are large enough to pull the torso to affect the neck position, the issue will radiate down to the upper extremities as well. This tension will cause a tingling or numbing feeling which may hinder functionality to these vital extremities.

Decreased Nipple Sensitivity

Breasts too large may affect nipple sensitivity as well. Too often, there is reduced sensation to the nipples because the pull and strain the breast weight puts on the nerve. Nipple sensitivity is an enjoyable sensation to many women during their more intimate moments. Resolving this issue will make for better physical relationships.

Posture and Shoulder Pain

Those who have big breasts may notice their posture is slumped, and suffer shoulder pain, too. They can experience back discomfort as well, signaling their breast weight is causing the distress. They also notice their posture is changing, and not for the better. Because posture changes result from several causes, you should consult with a physician before the problem becomes more of a concern.


Although rare, it is possible to contract yeast infections under the breasts. Women with large breasts may experience recurrent yeast infections at the breast creases. This issue is because of the weight rubbing the breast skin where it meets the crease. The constant friction may cause some inflammation resulting in a yeast infection or constant itchy rashes.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common symptom which many breast reduction patients experience before seeking help.  Think of carrying a six-pound weight around your neck all day. That’s what women do with the excess weight of breasts which are too large and heavy. It doesn’t take much to think about how this added weight can affect the neck.

Breast Reduction Benefits

A breast reduction is an aesthetic surgery which reduces the weight and size of a woman’s breast. It is a proven solution to alleviate discomfort and pain related to large breasts. Here are six benefits women enjoy after undergoing breast reduction surgery.

Alleviate Back Pain

Some women complain of severe and enduring backache due to their dense breasts. They will do whatever it takes to balance their breast size with other parts of their anatomy with the intent of ending chronic pain.

Although breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery to many, a significant number of patients utilize it for pain relief rather than an aesthetic alteration. Most come to understand that overly large and weighty breasts can cause back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as other physical and psychological symptoms. These women find their quality of life improves dramatically without having to deal with the constant discomfort in the neck and shoulder area.

Balance and Proportion

A breast reduction can bring the breasts in proper proportion with the rest of a woman’s body. There will be a recovery period when your chest may feel swollen, but this is temporary, and you will eventually realize your improved contour when the swelling subsides. Improving your breast proportions enhances your figure as well. You will have a new body contour which is more slender and shapely rather than rounded with large bulges. Your breasts will be perkier too.

Your confidence will improve as well as your self-esteem. You will feel more feminine, sensual and intimate with your husband or partner.

Clothes Fit Better

When your breasts come into better proportion with the rest of your body, you can wear outfits and blouses you once would not consider. You can choose tops which are more than loose fitting t-shirts or oversized pullovers. During the warmer months, you will feel more confident poolside or at the beach in Destin. Bathing suit choices will not be as limited; choosing the current trends will be fun and a boost to your self-confidence.

Summer dresses with spaghetti straps, or low cut necklines will no longer be a problem. You will feel beautiful and more comfortable with this broader selection of outfits.

Exercising will be More Enjoyable

It’s easier to miss exercise sessions when they bring more discomfort than enjoyment. Reducing your breast size will make your work out routines more fun and exciting. They will become more productive too because they will become more frequent. Many of our patients tell us that not only do they exercise more often, but they also try routines which are more challenging and effective. With this new commitment to health and exercise, the body becomes firmer and sleeker in other areas besides the breasts as well.

Hygiene Improvement

When there is a reduction of breast tissue, patients find there is less friction and sweating at the breast crease. This hygiene improvement will bring more comfort to this area and improve your quality of life. With fewer rashes and less risk of yeast infections in this area, a breast reduction becomes more viable when added to the other benefits it delivers.

Short Recovery Time

Women considering a breast reduction are likely to wonder what they can expect after the procedure. The answer may surprise many. Although all surgeries come with potential complications, choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon dramatically reduces the risks associated with cosmetic surgery. Because a breast reduction is typically an outpatient procedure, you will go home the day of the operation after a brief observation period in the hospital.

During the first few days, you will need help around the house with routine activities and chores. But because there are no bones or tendons affected, you will heal rather quickly, returning to work after two weeks and beginning to feel like your usual self after one month.

If you follow your doctor’s instructions and take good care of yourself during recovery, the time will seem short, and your benefits will become apparent after only a few weeks. You will begin to enjoy your new and improve lifestyle within a few months, including all of the advantages mentioned above.

Start the Process

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