Taking Care of Your Implants After Breast Augmentation

If you want your breast augmentation results to last, you’ll need to take care of your implants. What do you need to do? Caring for your implants at home is simple. These 5 steps will keep your newly augmented breasts looking their best.

Recover Properly

After surgery give yourself time to heal. This means following Dr. Hendrick’s instructions carefully. Most women can return to work after about a week (7-10 days), but will need to avoid heavy lifting for several weeks longer (4-6 weeks). Take it slowly. Give yourself time to heal. Your long term results depend on your healing properly.

Wear the Right Bra

After surgery you’ll be fitted with a surgical bra which you will wear for several weeks. Wear this bra until you have Dr. Hendrick’s permission to switch to a more traditional bra style. When you begin wearing regular bras again, choose ones without an underwire at first. The stiff wire can irritate breast incisions, especially those under the breast. You should be able to wear an underwire bra again a few months after surgery. Make sure you do wear a bra everyday to support your breasts and discourage sagging.

Surely you’re excited about bra and lingerie shopping with your new body. We urge you to take it slowly. Your breasts will undergo many dramatic changes in the weeks and months after your surgery. Swelling can take several months to fully resolve, especially when the implant is placed under the muscle, and the breasts will take time to soften and settle. If you’re planning a big lingerie shopping spree, wait for a few months as your size and fit will likely change.


Dr. Hendrick may ask you to perform a technique called implant displacement after you’ve healed a bit from your surgery. Basically this is a type of breast massage where you move the implant inside of the breast pocket. It is typically performed more often in the early days after surgery and then on a maintenance basis indefinitely. If you’re asked to perform breast massage, do it as directed to keep your implants soft and supple.

Get to Know Your Breasts

Your augmented breasts will feel different than your natural breasts so spend some time getting to know them. Get used to how they look and feel. Once you’re familiar with your breasts you’ll be able to effectively perform breast self-examinations, an important preventative health measure.

Get a Mammogram

Breast implants or not, mammograms are important for every woman. Follow your doctor’s recommended schedule for breast imaging. When you do need a mammogram, make sure you let the imaging center know as you make your appointment. Mammograms are more difficult on breasts with implants and a specially trained technician may be needed. Also tell your technician during your appointment to ensure they take additional images as needed.

Love your implants by giving them the care they need. These 5 simple steps won’t take long, but can have a big impact on your breasts.

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