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  1. Uneven Breasts? How Breast Augmentation Takes Care of That

      Uneven breasts or breast asymmetry occurs when a woman’s breasts are of different size, position, volume, or form. This cosmetic concern is common with more than half of all women and has a wide range of reasons why their breasts are not the same size or shape. Although it is common for breasts to… Read More

  2. Why Women “Redo” Their Breasts: Breast Augmentation Revision

    Your breast augmentation surgery probably won’t be your last. We tell all our patients considering breast implants that breast augmentation revision is likely at some point in the future. We’re not trying to scare you away from surgery. We see the benefits of cosmetic breast surgery every day and we know that this procedure has… Read More

  3. Breast Augmentation Recovery

    Thinking about your breast augmentation can be exciting! You will finally have the breasts you’ve always wanted and you most likely can’t wait to wear tight fitting clothes that will show off your new curves. However, before you can confidently wear your new breasts, you will have to go through a recovery period. The good news?… Read More

  4. Your Breast Surgery Options

    We all have areas of our body we wish we could improve, whether it’s our nose, lips, thighs, or even our hands and feet. However, while we see a lot of variation in which facial features women want to alter via plastic surgery, there’s one body part that seems to generate almost universal dissatisfaction: The… Read More

  5. What you need to know about breast augmentation in your 30s – 40s – 50s – 60s

    Breast Augmentation is the most popular aesthetic medical procedure among women in the United States. The reason is that for most women nothing makes them feel more feminine than well-formed and well-enhanced breasts. For women in their teens and twenties, the problems of sagging and volume loss are not as prominent. But for women who… Read More