Renaissance Lift™

RLTMB&GWhen rhytidectomy and skin resurfacing are performed in the same surgical setting, Dr. Velargo is able to address all aspects of facial aging at the same time – sags and bulges, volume loss, and wrinkles. He refers to this procedure as the Renaissance Lift™ because it results in dramatic results and is essentially “the rebirth of you.”

Combining the best aspects of facelifting and facial rejuvenation observed throughout his training, Dr. Velargo developed and trademarked this unique procedure. Particular attention is paid to the neck line, where long-lasting results are obtained utilizing the “SMMS technique” published by Dr. Velargo et. al. in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in 2013.

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Because the Renaissance Lift™ comprehensively addresses all aspects of facial aging during the same surgical setting, there are tremendous benefits – one healing period, more natural and balanced results, and economic advantages as well. No one Renaissance Lift™ is performed in the same manner from one patient to another because Dr. Velargo embraces the unique attributes of each patient.

Therefore, the exact procedures performed and healing time vary from patient to patient. Dr. Velargo encourages you to seek his expert consultation to find out if the Renaissance Lift™ is right for you. See Dr. Velargo’s photo gallery or for more information.