Preparing for Breast Augmentation: What Should I Do or Buy Before Surgery?

Your breast augmentation surgery is just a few days away. What can you do now to prepare? These ideas will help you feel ready for your breast augmentation in order to ensure an easier, more relaxing recovery.

Stock the Fridge

You’re not going to want to go shopping for several days after breast augmentation, so take the time now to stock your fridge. You’ll want easy to eat, low-prep items. The day after surgery you may be a bit nauseous, so make sure you have plenty of crackers and some ginger ale on hand, just in case. Since lifting your arms can be a bit uncomfortable right after surgery, grab some straws, too.

Fill Your Prescriptions

If you’ve been given any prescriptions for painkillers or antibiotics, make sure you fill them before surgery. That way you can head home and start resting instead of waiting at the pharmacy.

Pick Up Some Helpful Items

There are a few things we recommend that breast augmentation patients have on hand. These aren’t essential but they are certainly helpful.

  • Extra Pillows- Pillows are a comfort lifesaver after surgery. Use them to prop yourself up or rest your arms on one as you sit in a chair, etc. Find or buy some extra pillows before your surgery.
  • Entertainment- Post-breast augmentation is the perfect time to binge on Netflix or read a new book. Make sure you have some of your favorite entertainment on hand.
  • Button-Up Shirts- After surgery you’ll want to avoid lifting your arms for a few days. During this time, button-up shirts are a must. Opt for loose, comfy ones.
  • Slip-on Shoes- Easy-on, easy-off shoes are a must after breast augmentation. Pamper yourself with a new pair of slip-ons.
  • Lip Balm- Many patients have dry, chapped lips after surgery.
  • Extra, Non-Underwire Bra- You’ll wear a surgical garment for several days after surgery but, once you get approval from your doctor, you can start wearing a regular bra. Choose one without an underwire. Snap-front sports bras are a popular choice.

Arrange for Help

You’ll need some after breast augmentation. Enlist a helper to pick you up after surgery, drive you home, and stay with you temporarily. Choose someone you’re comfortable with and who will be helpful. If you have kids who need care, you may need some extra help around the house for a few days, especially if you have small children who need lifting.

Write Down Any Last Minute Questions

As you prepare for surgery, write down any questions you have about medications, recovery instructions, and more. With the excitement you’ll likely feel on the day of surgery, it’ll be easy to forget to ask questions.

You’ll be enjoying your new breasts before you know it! Do a little prep now and enjoy an easier recovery.

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