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This woman, in her late 60’s, desired more youthful appearing face and neck, more open eyes with treatment of the under eye bags, and less wrinkles. She is a smoker and lives near the beach.

  • Her surgery took Dr. Velargo approximately 3.5 hours to perform while the patient was under conscious sedation (IV and oral medicines as well as local anesthesia are administered in such a way that the patient is completely relaxed and pain free but still breathing on his/her own). However, this also could have been performed under general anesthesia because the type of anesthesia used varies from patient to patient.
  • At approximately 3 weeks, this patient was able to wear makeup to cover any remaining signs of the procedure (this may also vary from patient to patient).
  • Note the tremendous improvement in her skin quality, jowling, midface, neck line, and lower eyelid bags. Additionally, note the improvement in her upper lids on the lateral view, which is the result of the lateral brow lift alone (no upper lid surgery was performed)! All scars are well camouflaged by hair or natural skin creases.
  • Even after her extensive and aggressive resurfacing, she will need additional peeling/ laser resurfacing around the mouth secondary to her smoking and history of sun exposure
  • Her results are natural, and she doesn’t have the “windblown” appearance that many surgeons produce. Dr. Velargo takes care to perform conservative surgery to produce natural appearing results.

DoctorDr. Parker Velargo
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