I’m Interested in Rhinoplasty but I Don’t Want to Look Like a Different Person

One of the most common worries for a person considering a rhinoplasty is: will I look like a different person? It makes sense, after all, a “nose job” is one of the most technically complex procedures out there—and one of the most popular. In fact, it happens to be the second most popular cosmetic procedure. Not surprisingly, rhinoplasties have been around since the 50s and 60s, but today, modern advancements in surgical techniques have made the procedure more refined and adaptable. Now, modern rhinoplasties have evolved to emphasize balance and facial harmony with YOUR unique features.

What Is “Facial Balance”?

One of the most important concepts when it comes to rhinoplasty is “facial balance.” What that means is that the main goal of rhinoplasty is to sculpt a nose that complements other features of your face, whether it be your cheeks, eyes, chin, or lips. These are the features people look at to determine whether someone is “aesthetically pleasing.”

A great surgeon understands that there is no standard or typical “beautiful” nose. The best kind of rhinoplasty is the kind that doesn’t change what you really look like, if anything you’ll look more like yourself! Your rhinoplasty should look natural. Remember—there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all type of nose. This isn’t the 50s anymore!

Why Go to the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery?

If you’re looking for a surgeon to perform a procedure as complex as the rhinoplasty, you need one that regularly performs successful procedures. As a specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive nasal surgery, Dr. Velargo has extensive training and experience when it comes to rhinoplasties.

Dr. Velargo takes into account height, age, skin thickness, race, and ethnic background. He also meticulously plans around features like the forehead, chin, and eyes so that they complement your new nose. Dr. Velargo might even recommend a chin augmentation to balance your look into something more natural. Additionally, Dr. Velargo takes into account the functional aspects of your nose (i.e. breathing) when performing the rhinoplasty surgery. In short, Dr. Velargo will give you a nose that will work for you and you alone.

Rhinoplasties are such a popular procedure because the nose is one of the most eye-catching features of the face. At the same time, it’s so important for the procedure to have a personal touch and be tailor-made for you. If you want a rhinoplasty done right, then contact the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery for a consultation.