Get Stunning Skin for Summer with FaceMD Products

You’ve seen the stunning results that a laser treatment or a facelift can provide, but these aren’t the only ways to rejuvenate and improve your skin. Switching your home care products is a simple change, but the right products can produce truly dramatic results. If you want to transform your skin, ask us about our line of FaceMD products.

What Can FaceMD Do for Me?

The FaceMD line of skincare products is beloved by staff and patients alike here at the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. It can help our patients augment and enhance the results of their cosmetic treatments at home. This medically developed line of products features pure, organic ingredients that have proven to be effective.

FaceMD products are ideal for most of our patients and can be used on any skin type or color. Patients who use FaceMD often notice:

  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • More even skin tone
  • Improvement in the appearance of sun damage
  • Pores appear smaller
  • Smoother, refreshed skin

Is FaceMD Right for Me?

The FaceMD line of skincare products can be used safely by most of our patients, including pregnant and nursing women. These products tend to be well tolerated, and the amount used can be adjusted if your skin is sensitive. These products can also be used in conjunction with many cosmetic treatments. Ask us if FaceMD is right for you.

How Long Until I’ll See Results?

Your results will vary depending on your skin’s condition and your usage of the products. Most patients start to see improvement in just a few weeks. It can take longer in patients with extremely damaged or oily skin.

Switch up your skincare products and enjoy better skin. Ask us about FaceMD.