SMAS Grafting

The Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System (SMAS) is a collagen rich sheet of fascia that covers the muscles of your face.  This material can be used to fill deep wrinkles or lines in the face or augment the lips.  It is durable and strong yet soft enough to feel natural when implanted into the face.

Because SMAS is from your own body, it lasts longer than commercial fillers on the market and corrects volume deficiency/ deep lines in the same manner as those fillers.  Dr. Velargo may still recommend the use of Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport if the line/ fold being treated is a result of muscular movement.

 What can SMAS Grafting accomplish?

SMAS Grafting can improve the appearance of:

  • Small, aged, or atrophic lips
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Glabellar folds (“11” lines) present at rest
  • Marionette lines

What happens during SMAS Grafting?

SMAS grafting is usually performed in conjunction with a facelift because Dr. Velargo is able to utilize the SMAS that he normally resects and discards to shape your new lips or fill in deep folds.  It can, however, be performed alone, but this will require additional incisions placed behind the ears to harvest the SMAS.

SMAS grafting is typically performed under local anesthesia in Dr. Velargo’s clinic procedure room.  However, this surgery can be performed under a spectrum of anesthesia based on the patient’s health and comfort level as well as any concurrent procedures being performed.

The procedure itself requires only tiny puncture sites just large enough to thread the SMAS into the lips or into the deepest portion of the fold/ line.  It is then shaped and sculpted by Dr. Velargo to obtain optimal results.

What can I expect during recovery from SMAS Grafting?

Frequent application of cool compresses for the first 72 hours helps to speed the healing process along, as well as application of topical Arnica Montana for any visible bruising.

Incisions are cared for 4-6 times per day by cleansing the incision lines with hydrogen peroxide and applying bacitracin ointment.

All sutures are removed at one week.

One must be keenly aware that the lips are highly vascular and will swell much more than any other area on the face.  As a result, your lips may appear “over-corrected” for several weeks.  Rest assured, they will decrease in size following SMAS grafting.

How long do the results of SMAS Grafting last?

SMAS grafting is a long lasting procedure because the SMAS is recognized by the body as “self”.  While you will continue to age with time, Dr. Velargo has seen patients that have continued fullness in implanted areas for 10 years following this procedure.

 Does insurance cover SMAS Grafting?

SMAS Grafting is considered a cosmetic procedure; therefore, insurance companies do not generally cover the cost of surgery.


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