Rhinophyma Resection

The final stage of acne rosacea progression is a condition affecting the nasal skin known as rhinophyma. It is commonly referred to as “winer’s nose”; however, drinking alcohol has nothing to do with its occurrence. Hallmarks of rhinophyma include massive enlargement of the nasal oil glands, redness, and nasal disfigurement.

While certain creams can help with rhinophyma early on, once it causes significant skin changes or deformity, surgical correction is indicated.

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What happens during a Rhinophyma Resection?

Rhinophyma resection surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia in Dr. Velargo’s clinic procedure room. However, this surgery can be performed under a spectrum of anesthesia based on the patient’s health and comfort level.

Dr. Velargo will spend time with you in consultation to ensure that every effort is made to reach your goals in a realistic manner.

Dr. Velargo typically uses two techniques for rhinophyma resection: scalpel sculpting of the desired nasal contour followed by dermabrasion or laser therapy for a final smoothing effect. Resection of rhinophyma takes great skill and is much like sculpting a nose out of clay.

Dr. Velargo will send a sample of the resected tissue to a pathologist because certain skin cancers can hide within the rhinophyma.

What can I expect during recovery from a Rhinophyma Resection?

The nose will be red for several weeks during the healing process as new skin forms over the nasal structure.

Dr. Velargo will dress the nose with a special gauze following the procedure.  On the first morning after surgery, Dr. Velargo will remove your dressing and clean the nose.  An ointment will be recommended for you to apply multiple times daily in the initial healing phase.  Dr. Velargo will likely see you daily for the first week to aid you in cleaning the nose.

Does insurance cover Rhinophyma Resections?

Most Rhinophyma resections are considered cosmetic, thus they are not typically covered by insurance.


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