Dimple Creation Surgery

Cheek dimples, when smiling, have long been considered a “cute” and youthful characteristic in many cultures.  They are naturally formed by a dehiscence (small defect) in a cheek muscle known as the buccinator muscle; however, not all people have this trait.

What happens during dimple creation surgery?

Dimple creation surgery is performed in Dr. Velargo’s clinic procedure room under local anesthetic.

Dr. Velargo and his patient select the ideal place for the dimple prior to commencing the procedure.  Next, Dr. Velargo creates a small controlled defect in the cheek muscle and sutures the soft tissue of the cheek into the defect using absorbable sutures in order to create the dimple.

What can I expect during recovery from dimple creation surgery?

Dimple creation surgery is an outpatient procedure that is minimally invasive.  As a result, you can generally return to your normal activities the same day of the procedure.  Pain is minimal and generally well tolerated.  Swelling and bruising in the cheek area are likely; however, most swelling will resolve by 2 weeks.

You are free to eat what you want following the procedure; however, Dr. Velargo will place you on an oral hygiene regimen during the initial healing phase.

You will likely experience the presence of the dimple at rest (when not smiling) for a period of a few weeks to a few months.  Generally, the dimple will slowly flatten as you heal to a point where it is only present when you are smiling.

How long do the results of dimple creation surgery last?

Dimple creation surgery results in the presence of a permanent dimple about 90% of the time.  Rarely, if the suture doesn’t hold early in the healing process or sufficient scar tissue fails to form, the dimple may be too shallow or disappear.

Does insurance cover dimple creation surgery?

Dimple creation surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure. Therefore, insurance companies do not generally cover the cost of surgery.


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