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RealSelf Patient Reviews of Russell G. Hendrick, Jr., MD

I highly recommend Dr. Hendrick for cosmetic surgery because I am extremely happy with the results! Dr. Hendrick is professional, patient and kind, and I received excellent care. He genuinely cared about me as a patient and whether I was pleased with the results… In the future, should I choose to have other cosmetic surgery done, I will definitely have Dr. Hendrick do the procedure, even though it will require traveling to New Orleans.—Anonymous in Columbus, OH


I love my Botox Results. Dr Hendricks placed the Botox in the all correct areas and I got great results. My eyebrows look great because the corners lifted. Botox really helps the appearance of the lines on the corners of my eyes. I also have an overactive chin muscle that sometimes drives me crazy when I look in the mirror. Dr Hendricks placed a little Botox there and it worked wonders. There was little to no pain with the injections and no bruising.—Anonymous in New Orleans, LA

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