Cool Facts about CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting is a cool form of body contouring. Patients who have unwanted fat pads on their upper arms, buttocks, back, thighs or abdomen can utilize this amazing procedure to get the body they have been working hard to achieve through diet and exercise. It is the perfect procedure for those who want a toned, shapely body but prefer non-surgical treatments or need a short recovery period.

Here are some fun facts about CoolSculpting which should help you understand if the procedure is appropriate for your body sculpting needs.

FDA Approved for Permanent Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved fat reduction treatment for use in the United States and more than 30 other countries. A detailed study in the U.S. found that at a minimum,  patients saw a  20% to 25%  fat reduction in treated areas.  We find CoolSculpting to be one of the safest and more successful body contouring treatments in aesthetic medicine.

It’s Science

The science behind CoolSculpting is Cryolipolysis which is a non-surgical body contouring system effective in reducing fat by freezing fat cells. This technology involves a precise application of cooling temperatures ranging from plus five to -11 °C, with the intention of reshaping body contours. This precision cooling will kill subcutaneous fat without damaging adjacent skin and muscle tissue.

Scientists first discovered Cryolipolysis when they noticed children’s skin dimpling after eating popsicles, showing that fat cells can be destroyed without damaging skin tissue.

Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive

CoolSculpting is the perfect alternative to liposuction because it is completely non-invasive. The procedure requires no needles or incisions and is done in complete comfort with no anesthetic necessary. For patients who consider liposuction but don’t want surgery, CoolSculpting may prove to be a great alternative.

CoolSculting Destroys Fat, Not Adjacent Tissue

Although fat cells are susceptible to cold temperatures, your adjacent tissue to these fat cells are not. This great benefit allows you to subject the treatment areas to the cold energy without having to worry about skin or muscle damage. The cold only affects the fat cells, leaving all other tissue alone.

Read a Book, Stream a Video, or Take a Nap

The CoolSculpting procedure is so comfortable that you may watch your favorite show, read a book or magazine, or take a nap as your unwanted fat is frozen away.

It’s Permanent

After CoolSculpting, your fat cells die and do not return, and the fat pads in the target area cannot regenerate. You may gain weight, but you won’t lose your body contour.

No Scars

A great benefit of this advanced technology is that it doesn’t require a single incision. Without incisions, you do not have to worry about unsightly scars.

At worst, CoolSculpting may leave a light pinkish hue which will abate within a few days.

No Recovery, No Pain

This is a big benefit. Although liposuction is a wonderful cosmetic procedure, it’s surgery. With surgery, there are incisions and recovery and some level of discomfort. Not with CoolSculpting.

Your skin will feel a bit frozen after treatment, but this will pass after a few hours. Also, because your fat loss will be gradual, your body will not have to endure the sudden shock of shedding pounds without time to adjust.

It’s Popular

Although its surgical counter-part liposuction is the most popular plastic surgery, CoolSculpting is the world’s most popular fat reduction treatment. More than three million CoolSculpting procedures are in the books worldwide with more and more patients receiving treatment each day. Additionally, the publication New Beauty has awarded it the title of “Best Fat Reduction Treatment” available.

Can Treat Most Areas of Concern

The CoolSculpting system consists of a wide range of applicators to fit various body sizes and shapes. A designated applicator will use vacuum pressure to draw the target tissue between the cooling panels to target unwanted fat. Then, this applicator will deliver precision-controlled cooling to target and destroy fat cells in certain body parts. These body parts include the buttocks, thighs, belly, upper arms, chest, back and neck.

Results are Quick

The science behind CoolSculpting is that fat cells can be targeted and destroyed by reducing their temperatures. Once the cells die, your body will naturally expel them which will reduce fat bulges in the treatment sites. The treatment takes approximately one hour, and results are visible after one to two months.

Results Get Better and Better

While results are visible after just a few weeks, this is not the end of your CoolSculpting story. After realizing your initial results, additional fat cells will die, creating a tighter contour in the target areas. This benefit means your body’s contour will continue to improve for several months after the procedure.

This extended result will give your friends and family the impression you are working hard to get in great shape. Why should you tell them any differently?

Gradual Results Help Skin to Bounce Back

After the CoolSculpting treatment is complete, the body dispels the dead fat cells through natural mechanisms. Then, the body rearranges the remaining cells into a more compact and dense design. Because it takes months to finish this process, the body’s skin tissue can tighten and firm up, leaving no opportunity for the skin to become lax or flaccid. With more aggressive fat reduction seen with procedures like liposuction, the skin may sag, because it becomes unstable and lax.

It Eliminates Approximately 20% of Fat Per Session

This reduction means after your one-hour session, about 20% of the fat will be removed from the treatment site. If you require more fat removed to reach your target result, you can schedule another session.

Your Skin Will Look a Bit Strange After Treatment

Right after we remove the CoolSculpting device from the treatment area, your skin will look a bit pinkish and shiny. Some patients describe it looking like a stick of butter is under the skin. The effect is temporary and will abate within a few days, and we will massage the skin area to ensure a quick resolution.

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