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  1. CoolSculpting: Recovering from Treatment

    Having a slimmer physique without surgery or months spent in the gym seems too good to be true, but it’s possible with CoolSculpting. The treatment process for fat freezing is well-tolerated and quick, and the recovery process is much the same. Because CoolSculpting isn’t a surgical procedure, you can expect your post-treatment experience to be… Read More

  2. Get Ready for the Holidays with CoolSculpting

    If fitting into your favorite holiday outfit is getting a little more difficult each year, it may be time to try cosmetic medicine. Innovative, nonsurgical fat freezing methods, such as CoolSculpting, provide a convenient and low-risk way to get rid of unwanted body fat. If you’re a healthy weight but your belly won’t budge no… Read More

  3. NOLA Now Has CoolSculpting’s CoolAdvantage Petite Applicator

    Do you struggle to lose excessive fat in your upper arm? Do diet and exercise have little effect on that part of your body? Have you been trying to find a way to reduce the fat considerably, but have yet to find a remedy? Perhaps your wait is finally over! The newest member of the… Read More

  4. CoolSculpting vs Liposuction

    We have more options than ever when it comes to body contouring procedures, but how do we choose the right one? Two of the most popular body contouring procedures, CoolSculpting and liposuction, are like night and day, with wildly different procedures and incredibly different results. Our bodies are unique, and we all have different goals… Read More

  5. CoolSculpting 101

    CoolSculpting is the number one non-invasive fat reduction procedure in the world. This procedure eliminates stubborn fat safely and effectively. Worldwide, there have been 3 million CoolSculpting treatments performed and the procedure has an 83% worth it rating. New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery created this infographic that contains everything you need to know… Read More