Uneven Breasts? How Breast Augmentation Takes Care of That


Uneven breasts or breast asymmetry occurs when a woman’s breasts are of different size, position, volume, or form. This cosmetic concern is common with more than half of all women and has a wide range of reasons why their breasts are not the same size or shape. Although it is common for breasts to be of different sizes, they are usually the same in structure and density.

There are multiple causes for breast asymmetry, including puberty, trauma, and hormonal changes. Breast tissue can change during ovulating and look bigger because they grow from blood flow and water retention, often returning to their normal size after the menstrual cycle is complete. But if the asymmetry is chronic, there are aesthetic solutions you can plan. Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery utilize breast implants with a breast augmentation to improve breast appearance and symmetry.

Causes of Breast Asymmetry

In many cases, uneven breasts are normal. Although it is common for both sides of the human body to be unequal, it is more apparent when a woman’s breasts don’t match. A significant difference in the shape and size of a woman’s breast is less common, but rarely a health concern. The issue is often purely aesthetic, with reconstruction or implants being the best solution.

When a female experiences puberty, each breast matures at a different pace than the other. This unevenness may continue until the breasts develop fully and become more even after puberty. However, this asymmetry may continue past puberty and last for a lifetime if not corrected.

Hormonal changes can also change the breasts to become uneven at any point in a woman’s life, including:

  • While taking hormonal birth control (pill, patch, etc…)
  • During pregnancy or nursing
  • At or near menopause
  • During a woman’s period

Although hormonal influences usually are not permanent, they may cause the breasts to lose fat and tissue, causing the breasts to become a different size or shape.

Other breast issues associated with breast asymmetry are:

  • Poland Syndrome: chest muscles don’t fully develop which affects one breast or the other
  • Amastia: causes issues with breast tissue development, or that of the nipple and areola.
  • Tubular breasts: also known as hypoplasia, tubular breasts develop in one breasts or both during a girl’s puberty phase

Trauma is another cause of breast asymmetry from injuries that cause damage to the breast tissue and muscle of one or both breasts.


Because more often than not, uneven breasts are not a health concern but rather an aesthetic issue, plastic and reconstructive surgery is generally the best solution. Although breast augmentation surgery is designed to increase breast size and improve breast contours, correcting asymmetric breasts is an advantage as well. With many women uneven breasts are not the prominent concern but need attention regardless. With other patients, breast asymmetry is a significant cosmetic issue, and achieving breast symmetry is their primary goal.

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that employs surgical techniques and breast implants to improve and correct breast shapes and sizes. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Russell Hendrick specializes in plastic and aesthetic surgery that enhances body contours. He has exceptional training and extensive experience with breast enhancements including breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast revision surgeries.

When correcting breast asymmetry, he offers the most advanced techniques, and technology aesthetic and plastic medicine provides as well as years of proving women with outstanding results.

The Importance of a Consultation

As noted earlier, breast asymmetry may be the result of different causes. During your consultation, Dr. Hendrick will explore why you have breasts that are not of equal size or shape. He will also ask what results you would like to enjoy giving him a visual of how you want your breast to appear. He will provide instruction on how to prepare for surgery and step to take during recovery that will ensure successful results. There are different techniques he can use to help with your desired outcome, which we explain below:

Breast Augmentation with Two Implants

If you want to increase the size of both breasts, breast augmentation using implants is your probable choice. Dr. Hendrick will pick implants of different sizes to alter the size and shape of both breasts to make them look more alike. His goal is to improve symmetry while enhancing the size and shape of both. He will explain the differences between the different types of implants and incision techniques available to accomplish the look and feel you want. At New Orleans Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Center, we offer:

  • Silicone and Saline Breast Implants
  • Round or Anatomical (Teardrop) Shaped Breast Implants
  • Different Sizes and Shapes
  • Various profiles and projections
  • Different placement techniques
  • Different incision locations and types

Because of these wide-ranging products and methods, Dr. Hendrick can customize your breast augmentation to fit your needs and goals.

Breast Augmentation with One Implant

If you need only to increase the size of one implant to match the larger of the two, then Dr. Hendrick can insert only one implant while leaving the larger breast alone. This technique will require the proper choice of implant and the skill of your surgeon to match both size and appearance to give you the most natural look.

The advantage of using one implant rather than two is fewer incisions and risk. The challenge is for Dr. Hendrick to make sure the implant will match the natural tissue of the breast he leaves alone. This result takes the expertise of a qualified and experienced surgeon well-versed in breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation With No Implants

There are two surgeries which can accomplish breast symmetry without the use of implants. The first is when asymmetry is not severe, but apparent. A breast lift can use natural tissue to lift elevation to give your breasts that sexy upward curve with nipples pointing up, but it doesn’t stop there. A mastopexy can also improve symmetry to make you breast look natural and more symmetric. When one breast sits lower than the other, a breast lift to that side can enhance balance by raising elevation to match the breast that sits higher.

If the goal is to reduce the size of the larger breast to equal the size of the other, a breast reduction to one or both sides can accomplish this result. By removing breast tissue to one or both breasts, Dr. Hendrick can ensure the size and shape of both are balanced and equal in size and shape.

Finding the Right Balance

As you can see, we offer a plethora of options to enhance breast appearance and improve symmetry. These results may be accomplished by using any of these solutions as a standalone procedure or combining two or more to get the best outcome possible. For example:

Combining Breast Augmentation with a Lift

This combination is by far the most popular with patients who want to increase the size their breasts presence while giving them a lift at the same time. This procedure can be done whether asymmetry is an issue or not. Although the surgery is more extensive, duration and recovery are about the same.

Combining a Reduction with a Lift

When breast size is a health concern or the asymmetric patient prefers the size of her smaller breast to that of the larger one, adding a lift to breast reduction surgery can help with aesthetics and daily routine. It will create a balance that will help make a more active lifestyle possible without discomfort or restriction.

The Importance of Recovery

After surgery, your body will need time to heal. If implants are inserted in one or both breasts you should know it will take time to drop into their intended position and settle. Before that happens, your breasts will not look right. Be patient, because rarely do two implants drop at the same time during recovery.

Swelling is common after surgery, and this effect may give the appearance that your symmetry issues are not resolved. Be patient until the swelling subsides. Make sure you make each of your follow up appointments with Dr. Hendrick to ensure your breasts are healing properly and your recovery is going as planned.

Results You Will Love

Once swelling subsides, and incisions heal, results will be visible and ready to enjoy. Remember that although you will appreciate that your breasts are more even, there is no such thing as perfectly symmetric breasts. Even after correction, your breasts will be slightly different in size, but close enough to not be apparent or a cosmetic concern.

Now you can feel confident in those clothes you’ve been dying to wear. Shopping will be more enjoyable because you can buy tops and dresses off the rack that will show off your new curves and shapely figure. Bras will be easier to shop for, and wearing tight-fitting outfits will be of no concern.

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If you have any question about improving breast asymmetry through breast augmentation surgery, schedule a consultation or call (504) 533-8848 today. Dr. Hendrick looks forward to enhancing your body outline and increasing your self-esteem.