Arm Lift

Skin laxity and sagging in the upper arms is a common problem for women as they age or lose weight. This can cause many women to avoid wearing bathing suits or short-sleeved tops. Brachioplasty is an arm lift procedure that restores the upper arms to a firm, more youthful look and shape.

In brachioplasty, Dr. Hendrick surgically removes the excess skin and fat from the upper arm to improve the shape and contour. If necessary, liposuction can also be used to remove excess fat in problem areas. Brachioplasty is often performed in a body lift after massive weight loss.

What can brachioplasty accomplish?

An arm lift can:

  • Remove excess skin and fat from the upper arms
  • Restore a youthful, firm appearance to the arms

What happens during brachioplasty?

An outpatient procedure, brachioplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia for your safety and comfort.

The incision is generally made on the inside of the upper arm and is as long as the excess skin that needs to be removed to achieve the desired result. Dr. Hendrick will discuss the scar placement, length, and expectations with you during your consultation.

Liposuction is sometimes performed during the procedure to remove stubborn pockets of fat. Once the excess skin and fat are removed, the skin is sutured closed for a slimmer upper arm.

What can I expect during recovery from brachioplasty?

Post-operatively, you can expect the area to feel tight with some soreness. You will be prescribed pain medication for any discomfort. You may also be fitted with a compression garment for a period of time to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

In some cases, drains are placed within the incisions to remove any potential fluids. If so, Dr. Hendrick will remove these within a few days of surgery.

Incisions are cared for each day by cleansing the incision lines with mild soap and water, and any external stitches will be removed during a post-operative examination. A full set of post-operative instructions will be provided to you prior to your surgery. Feel free to ask any questions during your pre-operative visit.

Most patients take 7-10 days off from work after an arm lift, but the healing process can take several weeks. Exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for 4-6 weeks. Be sure to always discuss activity restrictions with Dr. Hendrick to avoid any complication after surgery.

How long do the results of brachioplasty last?

The results of brachioplasty are permanent in the sense that your arms will always look more youthful than if you never had the procedure performed. However, as the aging process continues or additional weight is gained, skin can sag, and excess fat can develop. “Tuck-up” procedures may be necessary after several years.

Does insurance cover brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is considered a cosmetic procedure. Therefore, insurance carriers do not cover it.

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