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Asian Blepharoplasty: Experience and Skills Your Plastic Surgeon Must Have

Asian eyelid lift is a special form of eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) performed to make the eyes of people of East Asian ethnicity appear wider and brighter. While it has a simple name, Asian eyelid lift requires great surgical skills and a deep understanding of facial aesthetics. A highly customized procedure, it must be planned and performed with subtle differences to enhance the appearance of people with a range of facial and eyelid characteristics. It’s important to choose a plastic surgeon carefully, one who has the skill and sensitivity to bring out the unique and natural beauty of your eyes.

Choose a Surgeon Who Understands the Variations in Asian Eyelids

Asian eyelids have some similar characteristics — the upper eyelids are generally thicker than those of other ethnicities — but there is tremendous variation among individuals. Some have an upper eyelid fold — which shows as a fine horizontal crease when the eyes are closed — and some don’t. Some don’t open as widely as Caucasian eyes, the result of differences in a muscle, called a levator, that lifts the upper eyelid.

Depending on the natural form of your eyelids and your desired look, a good plastic surgeon will tailor the procedure to enhance your beauty and ethnicity, rather than imposing an aesthetic you may not like.

For example, if you do not have an upper-eyelid fold and want one, the procedure can create a natural-looking eyelid crease. But the placement and shape of that curving fold are important aesthetic choices. Subtle variations — how far the fold is above the edge of the eyelid and whether it parallels the curve of the eyelash line, flares from it, or approaches it at either end — will change the look of your eyes. You want to find a plastic surgeon who understands these differences and who will plan the procedure with you to give you results you will love.

When you have your consultation with the surgeon, ask to look at before-and-after pictures of other eyelid-surgery patients. Look for evidence that the doctor has tailored the procedure to create beautiful and natural-looking results in people with different eyelid types. Pay special attention to pictures of people who had eyes like your own before their surgery.

Choose a Surgeon With Expertise in the Precision of Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery is among the most precise and demanding cosmetic procedures. Subtle differences in the placement and curvature of the upper eyelid fold affect the look of the eyes, and it takes great skill to create those results. If the surgery is planned to create a fold six millimeters above the eyelash line, tapering toward the eyelash line at the nose and away from it at the outside of the eyes, the placement and curve must be exact, and it must match in both eyes. Planning the procedure to enhance your appearance requires an understanding of ethnic facial aesthetics. Performing the procedure to deliver the desired results takes medical expertise and surgical precision.

As you look for a surgeon for your eyelid lift, ask about experience with eyelid surgery and with Asian eyelid surgery in particular.

Choose a Surgeon Who Explains and Listens

As with any cosmetic procedure, you’ll want to find a plastic surgeon who can explain your options and who will listen to and respect your wishes. Those communication skills are especially important in working with a surgeon to plan an Asian eyelid lift, a procedure with so many possible variations. Once you’ve narrowed your search, schedule a consultation with the surgeon you’re considering. Explain your hopes for the procedure and allow the doctor to examine your eyes and make recommendations. If you feel that you are talking with an expert who listens to you, it’s probably a good fit.

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