Dr. Velargo’s recent publications:

surg manip periorb musc cover

Clinics in Plastic Surgery
Brow and Upper Eyelid Surgery: Multispecialty Approach

SMMS cover

Aesthetic Surgery Journal
Submental Muscular Medialization and Suspension, Number 4, May 2014

sup chem peel cover

Minimally Invasive and Office-Based Procedures in Facial Plastic Surgery
Superficial Chemical Peels

latest chem peel innov cover

Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America
Emerging Tools and Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery

Haut cover

HAUT Dermatologie
Bessere Ergebnisse mit modifizierter Methode Das erqeiterte oberflächliche chemische Peeling

velargo facial paralysis book

Facial Paralysis
A Comprehensive Rehabilitative Approach

























Dr. Hendrick’s recent publications:

hendrick breast journal

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Breast Reconstruction with Tissue Expanders

hendrick lip journal

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Volume 130, Number 4