Get Ready for the Holidays with CoolSculptingRead More

If fitting into your favorite holiday outfit is getting a little more difficult each year, it may be time to try cosmetic medicine. Innovative, nonsurgical fat freezing methods, such as CoolSculpting, provide a convenient and low-risk way to get rid of unwanted body fat. If you’re a healthy weight but…

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Dr. Parker Velargo & Dr. Russell Hendrick join eHealth Radio Network to Discuss Transgender Plastic SurgeryRead More

Dr. Parker Velargo & Dr. Russell Hendrick recently spoke with eHealth Radio Network about Transgender Plastic Surgery and the various components involved. They go in depth about the different procedures that can be included, such as facial feminization surgery, breast surgery, liposuction and fat grafting. Listen to the interview with host Eric Michaels & Drs. Velargo &…

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